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The role of light steel integrated housing for our current housing construction

The urbanization construction that has been promoted has also achieved good results and has developed rapidly. Therefore, in the face of this constantly evolving thing, there will be some contradictions that have never been seen before, and with the improvement of people’s quality of life, People's requirements are becoming more and more strict. In order to meet these rising demands, light steel houses produced by R&D, light steel villas have improved some of the shortcomings of traditional concrete structure construction models, and can better satisfy everyone's The demand for living, and the construction of this new structure have a good improvement in environmental protection, energy conservation and residential safety. Light steel houses and light steel villas are constructed with steel as the main material. Structure, his structural system has many advantages, and this has a very good effect on promoting the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of China's future steel enterprises.


Light steel houses, light steel villas have a very good role in promoting the adjustment of the building structure of our construction industry. Because of the special nature of steel processing, we can reduce our construction period through industrialized and industrialized production.

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