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In the south, wood-frame houses are highly adaptable

In the south, wood-structured houses have strong adaptability. Relatively speaking, wood-structured houses have universal adaptability in China. The adaptability of the south is better than that of the north, which is manifested in the following aspects:

One, look from the characteristic of lumber and climate of our country south, house of wooden structure can play more important effect in south. Wood absorbs ultraviolet rays from sunlight and reflects infrared rays. Because wood is a kind of porous material, its surface forms tiny concave and convex, absorb partial light, undertake diffuse reflection to the light at the same time, make the light is softer on the vision, reduce the harm of sunshine to human body skin and the stimulation to the eye thereby. Log cabins are both "sun block" and "sunglasses". Therefore, log cabins are more suitable for the south with hot summer, strong sunshine and long sunshine time.

South China has a tropical and subtropical climate, with hot and rainy summers and cold and wet winters. Wood is a porous material with low thermal conductivity. It is a poor conductor, with the function of regulating indoor temperature. As a result, wooden houses keep people warm in winter and cool in summer. One of the unique features of wooden houses is the function of adjusting the humidity inside. The moisture absorption and desorption of wood directly alleviate the change of indoor humidity. When humidity is high, the cabin automatically absorbs water and releases it from its own cells when it dries. Therefore, the wooden house is more suitable for the hot and rainy summer and cold and wet winter in the south.

Third, through many chemical and physical processes and special processes, the wood used for the construction of huts has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and insect resistance, which can obviously play a role in the south. To sum up, the reason for the spread of wood-structured houses in China, especially in the south, is determined by the characteristics of wood-structured houses and the climate zone in China, especially the tropical and subtropical climate in the south.

As a result, wood-frame houses have good adaptability in China, especially in the south. Natural selection in the right place at the right time, as the saying goes.


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